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‘Let innovation define your environmental footprint!’

Evie Blue

Our modern lifestyles have proven to create major issues for mother nature Plastic pollution, biodiversity-loss and climate change are threatening our natural resources. Evie Blue is committed to combat these issues by using biodegradable soluble powders and high-end reusable bottles, reducing (plastic) waste and conserving our environment.


Evie Blue believes high-quality cleaning products and sustainability go hand in hand: good for our planet and for people. By using a biodegradable soluble powder and life long high-quality bottles, we reduce the use of plastic and make sure no harmful chemicals end up in our environment. We are committed to making professional cleaning fun and easy, and conserving our planet while doing it.


Evie Blue aims to lead the professional cleaning industry globally with high-quality sustainable products. Now is the time to contribute to sustainable alternatives that conserve mother nature, rather than degrade it. Evie Blue’s biodegradable soluble powder gives a new dimension to cleaning that fits with our clients’ needs, while being planet proof.

How does it work?

Evie Blue does not like to do things half heartedly. We love cleaning as much as we love our planet. Therefore, we created a product that is both high-quality and good for mother nature, reducing plastic pollution. Our biodegradable soluble powders and reusable high-design bottles are a result of innovation and collaboration with industry experts, creating a product that fits with our clients’ needs and requirements.

Step 1

 Fill bottle with water

Step 2

Add the sachet to the bottle

Step 3


Step 4

Get cleaning!

Last year was a great year for

 Cleanful Hygienic Solutions. 


We saved 395,739 plastic bottles


We prevented 197,869 liters of chemical cleaning products, polluted the earth


We saved 892 trees, by using recycled paper

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